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TEDx meet Noumenautics: Peter Sjöstedt-H to speak on understanding consciousness through psychedelics

Peter will be sharing discoveries from his pioneering voyages into the outer reaches of the metaphysical mindscapes. Expect new insights into the hidden psychedelic history of philosophy; from Plato, to Proclus, to Cornwall’s own ‘chemical philosopher’ Humphry Davy, to James, Nietzsche, Sartre, and innumerable others.

Noumenautics: Metaphysics, Meta-ethics, Psychedelics by Peter Sjöstedt-H is out now

We are delighted to announce the publication of new book Noumenautics: Metaphysics, Meta-ethics, Psychedelics by Peter Sjöstedt-H – Available now for £9.99 from the Psychedelic Press shop and Amazon.co.uk Title: Noumenautics Author: Peter Sjöstedt-H ISBN: 978-0992808853 Price: £9.99 Philosopher Peter Sjöstedt-H’s Noumenautics traverses the mindscape of...

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