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European Union Bans New Wave of Research Chemicals

European Union Bans New Wave of Research Chemicals

The European Commission has banned four noval psychoactive substances (NPS) usually referred to as research chemicals: Methoxetamine, AH 7921, 25I-NBOMe and MDPV. This decision has come after an investigation by...

Ayahuasca and the Vines of Politics

The debate over ayahuasca does not appear to be driven by robust scientific data, nor by any appeal to reason. It is not a religious issue either, because England is a secular country (and besides, drugs are not scheduled in the Bible.) Does big business control the strings, or is it nothing more than an assumption that drugs are bad, and that war must be waged against bad things?

A UK Magic Mushroom Flashback

At a time when we’re being encouraged to have our say politically, it seems appropriate to have a little Magic Mushroom flashback. The active ingredients of Psilocybe mushrooms (psilocybin and...