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Perilous Passage by Terry Wilson

Originally published in 2004 ‘Perilous Passage – The Nervous System and the Universe in Other Words’ by Terry Wilson is being republished in 2012. It describes the author’s apprenticeship under the tutelage...

A Psychedelic Christianity

Ayahuasca religion is a strange concept to get your head around, even before you drink ayahausca. At my first session about ten years ago, I was very keen to try...

Ayahuasca and the Vines of Politics

The debate over ayahuasca does not appear to be driven by robust scientific data, nor by any appeal to reason. It is not a religious issue either, because England is a secular country (and besides, drugs are not scheduled in the Bible.) Does big business control the strings, or is it nothing more than an assumption that drugs are bad, and that war must be waged against bad things?