Call for papers: Sex & Psychedelics

In late spring 2020, the Psychedelic Press journal reaches issue XXX, and to celebrate we are doing a specially themed edition on ‘sex and psychedelics’.

Sex and psychedelics is a potent combination, a two-word attention-grabbing phrase encapsulating the most intimate behaviours and interactions; can observations and experiences from these emotive areas inform one another?

We seek essays and articles taking us into (erogenous) zones of identity, social control, coitus, consent, prohibition, gender roles, and in particular the ways in which the psychedelic experience can impact upon these matters at both an individual and societal level. First-person narratives of erotic encounters with tentacled monsters will be considered based on their literary merits. 


Some general submission guidelines:

  • Articles / essays / features should be between 2000 – 8000 words
  • Book, film and event reviews should be between 800 – 2000 words
  • Use the Harvard Referencing System for appropriate articles.
  • Tell us a bit about yourself with the submission, and why you think your article is a relevant read for our audience.
  • Ideally articles should be original and unpublished, although exceptions can be made but please inform us either way in your email.
  • All articles should be in English.

The deadline for submissions is March 17th 2020. Please direct submissions and any questions you might have to Journal Editor Nikki Wyrd: editor[@]

The Psychedelic Press quarterly journal is dedicated to exploring the role, function, and reception of psychoactive substances in culture, science, and history – see our full journal catalogue, or subscribe here.

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  1. John W Allen says:

    Read my journal for Sex, Mushrooms and Rock and Roll. Vol. VIII. or my book for Ronin which published a different verison of my Journal article with dozens of illustrations in full color. It is about sex and shrooms but also discusses sex and other drugs as well.

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