Psychedelic Press XXVIII is out!

Cover design by Sophie Gainsley

We are very pleased to announce the publication of Psychedelic Press XXVIII.

This issue has a wonderful array of articles dealing with the history and culture of psychedelia.

It begins in the nineteenth century as Jake Winchester looks at the history of solanaceous fumigations in the world of the occult, and Paul Heller discusses George Wheaton Carr and the hashish eaters of Providence. In a slice of British counterculture, John Power and Marilyn Langley describe and recollect the fayres in East Anglia during the 1970s and 80s.

We are also very pleased to offer an extract from Andy Roberts’s biography of Michael Hollingshead Divine Rascal –  the man who turned Timothy Leary onto LSD. ‘My First Trip’ is an acid flashback to the 1990s, and there’s a brilliantly weird review of ‘High Weirdness’ by Erik Davis. This issue’s beautiful cover is by Sophie Gainsley.

You can buy a copy here – ships worldwide, and limited to 300 copies.


1. Solanaceous Fumigations in 19th Century London – Jake Winchester

2. George Wheaton Carr and the Hashish Eaters of Providence: 1856 – Paul Heller

3. An Essay on the Pleasures of Hasheesh – George Wheaton Carr

4. Divine Rascal (Hollingshead Extract) – Andy Roberts

5. A Pilgrimage into Weird Highness by Eris Davik – Will Rowlandson

6. East Anglian Fayres – John Power

7. Albion Fairs Recollections – Marilyn Langley

8. My First Trip – FR23

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