Early Bird Tickets for Writers on Drugs ends 31 October 2019

Writers on Drugs returns to London on the 8 December, 2019.

A full day of presentations and talks on the history and culture of psychedelia, Writers on Drugs brings together leading writers and practitioners to share their wisdom and research with you. The Psychedelic Press’s annual event promises to be another extraordinary gathering in the beautiful surroundings of Regent’s Park. Early Bird Tickets are available until the 31 October for just £19.50.

Check out our eventbrite page for more details.

Talks & Speakers include:

The Art of Mescaline by Mike Jay

The Feminine and Altered States of Consciousness by Maria Papaspyrou

Divine Rascal: The Man Who Turned on the World by Andy Roberts

Psychedelic Press: Past, Present & Future by Nikki Wyrd

The Shadow of the Academy: Prejudice and Neo-Colonialism in the Academic Study of Ayahuasca by Danny Nemu

TBA by Peter Sjostedt-H


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