World Ayahuasca Conference 2019 | The inner search for a better world!

Whether you’re many years into a personal psychedelic voyage of discovery or you’re newly caapi-curious, the World Ayahuasca Conference (AYA2019) in Girona, Catalonia, will take you on an adventure. Brought together by the International Centre for Enthobotanical Education Research and Service (ICEERS), AYA2019 will be the largest global gathering of its kind in history devoted to ayahuasca. It is a rare chance to explore traditions, cultures, storytelling, art and research from around the world celebrating the divine vine.

Will you join us in the creation and celebration of this historic happening?

The awe-inspiring nature of ayahuasca and its far-reaching potential benefits is reflected in the scope and scale of AYA2019. The three-day conference will feature over 80 presentations, dialogues and panels, by participants from 35 countries, as well as pre-conference workshops, musical performances, special film screenings, and the Ayahuasca & Visionary Art exhibition. This brings together artworks from international visionary and indigenous artists, offering you over 200 new imaginal vistas to gaze into. (Check out this dazzling animation of a selection of these cosmic canvases by Sasha Frost of the Beckley Foundation.) As each magical moment of the conference unfolds, you will discover new facets of the spirit vine’s potential to positively impact the lives and communities reached by its tendrils, and the ideas that it kindles in the minds of those who work with it.

Lisa Waring Stambollion, France | The Secret Painting: I am One

Speakers who will be touching down in Girona to share their wisdom at AYA2019 include indigenous leaders from Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru, scientists and clinicians who are unlocking the medicinal potential of ayahuasca, policy makers, thought leaders, activists, visionary artists, filmmakers, musicians, and other luminaries of the international plant medicine community. Open your eyes to what ayahuasca is trying to teach us with celebrated enthnopharmacologist Dennis McKenna, revel in its global galvanisation of our capacity for psychological healing with Dr. Rachel Harris (Listening to Ayahuasca, 2017), and ignite your understanding of the possibilities for drug policy reform with academic lawyer Dr. Charlotte Walsh. (Explore the full schedule.)

The time is ripe for us to come together to explore the in the complex vibrancy of ayahuasca. In 2019, the visionary experiences that can be accessed by drinking the miraculous Amazonian plant brew are being sought out by increasing numbers and demographics of people, in an ever-diversifying array of contexts. These range from Brazilian churches, to addiction treatment centres, to clinical studies into its therapeutic properties, such as its ability to combat depression, increase our capacity for mindfulness and to re-enchant and reconnect us with nature.

“Fifty years ago, just getting people to stop throwing garbage out of a car window was an environmental victory. Nobody spoke of the biosphere or biodiversity. Now those terms are a part of the vernacular of school children. As we look at this wave of luminosity that has swept over the world in just a generation or two, it’s fascinating how the one ingredient in the recipe that has been completely expunged from the record is the fact that millions have laid prostrate before the gates of awe having taken a psychedelic.” (Wade Davis, anthropologist and keynote speaker at AYA2019)

AYA2019 will place a particular emphasis on discussing how we can translate our personal visionary experiences into actions that make positive changes to the wider world. Speakers involved in catalysing vital reforestation projects designed to redress the damages wrought by climate change include agroflorestral agent and indigenous filmmaker José de Lima Kaxinawá and Paulo Afonso Amato Condé, agronomist and General Representative Mestre within the Spiritist Center União do Vegetal; both from Brazil.

Also piloting a crucial reforestation initiative in Brazil is Neuro-Apocalyse (2016) author and activist Reverend Danny Nemu, whose non-profit organization Regenerative Agroforestry Impact Network (RAIN) has begun grassroots reforestation efforts in the state of Minas Gerais, with the means of syntropic agroforestry. Coming to AYA2019 from Ecuador, Manari Ushigua, the ceremonial healer and leader from the Sapara people of Ecuador, has been a key player along with his sister Gloria Ushigua in stopping the expansion of the oil frontier in their territory.

It could not be a more prescient time to deepen our understanding of what ayahuasca can do for us, as a global population, and of what we can do for ayahuasca in return. The connecting threads that you’ll have the chance to draw at AYA2019 between your personal angle of interest and its wider spiritual, medicinal, social, cultural and environmental benefits will be multifarious and surprising.

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Rosalind Stone

Rosalind is the publicist for the Psychedelic Press, a features writer for The Third Wave and and co-directs, a platform which offers students accessible, unbiased and scientific information about drugs via its website and workshops. Coming to drugs from an English literature background, she is fascinated by fictional representations of psychedelics and their (often equally or more fictive!) portrayals in the mainstream media. Previously Communications Officer at the Beckley Foundation, she has words in The Guardian, Kaltblut Magazine, VolteFace, Psymposia, and Talking Drugs.

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