Tripoteca back in London for a psychedelic visual feast this February

The itinerant psychedelic film & art festival Tripoteca has reached its fourth biennial edition and has travelled over 25 cities in the world. Between 1st and 2nd of February at the Horse Hospital, London, Tripoteca will splash once again your minds and hearts over with an experience that will extend the barriers of avant-garde over oceans of metaphysical and abstract concepts.

On the intergalactic menu there will be 50 short films, an exhibition of canvases and video installations from souls coming out of 25 countries. plus a live opening audio-video performance full of experimental improv. Each night of Tripoteca there will be two sections of films, “Meta-Fun” (a roller-coaster of astral humor) and “Introspective Journey” (seriously insightful gems).

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