TEDx meet Noumenautics: Peter Sjöstedt-H to speak on understanding consciousness through psychedelics

We’re excited to announce a forthcoming TEDx talk from the Anglo-Scandinavian philosopher of mind and Noumenautics author Peter Sjöstedt-H in Truro, Cornwall on 26 October 2018.

Joining security expert James Lyne, conservationalist Sacha Dench, spacecraft engineer Lucy Edge, and researchers of the wonder material graphene, Dr Dimitar Dimov and Professor Monica Craciun, Peter will be sharing discoveries from his pioneering voyages into the outer reaches of the metaphysical mindscapes. Expect new insights into the hidden psychedelic history of philosophy; from Plato, to Proclus, to Cornwall’s own ‘chemical philosopher’ Humphry Davy, to James, Nietzsche, Sartre, and innumerable others.

Psychedelics are whirring into increasing prominence in our collective consciousnesas therapeutic tools. A vast and diversifying body or research is accumulating on the potential of LSD, psilocybin, ketamine and many others to treat anxiety, depression and PTSD; illnesses that have been stitched into the history of humanity for millenia.

Peter invites us, in his forthcoming TedX talk, to reckon with treasures from forefront of an equally rapidly evolving field: human understanding of our relationship to the universe around us. A chance to discover the metaphysicality of life through the prism of the psychedelic experience, delving into its implications for mysticism, sentience and the mind-matter relationship.

Tickets are £50 each (plus an admin fee of £3) and are available from http://tedxtruro.com/the-event/

A selection of trippy, metaphysical journeys to go on in the meantime:

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Peter’s book, Noumenautics (Psychedelic Press | 2015)

Peter’s twitter: @PeterSjostedtH

Rosalind Stone

Rosalind is the publicist for the Psychedelic Press, a features writer for The Third Wave and and co-directs drugsand.me, a platform which offers students accessible, unbiased and scientific information about drugs via its website and workshops. Coming to drugs from an English literature background, she is fascinated by fictional representations of psychedelics and their (often equally or more fictive!) portrayals in the mainstream media. Previously Communications Officer at the Beckley Foundation, she has words in The Guardian, Kaltblut Magazine, VolteFace, Psymposia, and Talking Drugs.

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