PsyCare UK: 10 years of festival harm reduction in the UK

PsyCare UK is Britain’s premier harm reduction and welfare group. Formerly known as Kosmicare UK, for 10 years they have been providing an invaluable and vital service for people having difficult drug experiences at festivals and music events – specializing in psychological and psychedelic crisis.  According to PsyCare UK:

We started as a group of concerned individuals that realized there was very little help for people having difficult times with psychedelic substances at UK events. Often people in this situation are ejected, hospitalized or sectioned which can make the matter worse.  Our approach has always been working with individuals and medical personnel to avoid the need for hospitalization and turn cases from traumatic experiences into challenging but positive journeys.

Having become a registered charity in 2016, they’ve relaunched in 2018 as PsyCare UK Welfare & Harm Reduction. They will continue to offer the same level of ‘kosmic-care’ for those needing support and facilitation during their ‘difficult trip.’ This includes providing a ‘safe space’ to rest and recuperate, and for those in need of comfort, company, tea and warmth when they are a little lost. Furthermore, they are able to provide intensive one-to-one support from trained peer-based volunteers.

They join a number of other organisations around the world who deliver psychedelic harm reduction and use the name PsyCare, and who have a similar ethos and way of working. They hope adoption of the new name will bring with it opportunities to cooperate and collaborate internationally. And in 2018 they are offering new services such as specific training for festival and music event organizers, along with workshops.

To learn more about what they do, or to register your interest as a volunteer, please head over to

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