Microdosing with Cannabis

by Gordon Greentree (Creative Commons)

by Gordon Greentree (Creative Commons)

Microdosing is a fast-growing trend not only among those who like to experiment with psychedelic substances like LSD and magic mushrooms but also in the cannabis industry, most notably in the edibles market, and it could transform the way we take cannabis for good as well.

Microdosing with Cannabis is the act of taking a much reduced amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive substance in Cannabis. Across almost all social circles, there is an increasing demand for a ‘glass of wine’ equivalent in Cannabis usage. The notion behind this is to metabolize a quantity of THC that is just right for you to experience all the desired effects. This idea, called the ‘minimum effective dose’, originated from the pharmaceutical industry and means consuming the minimum dose possible to create the desired result minus the side effects. Hence, so long as you’re taking a minute quantity of cannabis, you are microdosing.

Microdosed (small-dosed) edibles gives rise to one of the swiftest growing sectors of the cannabis industry. Ranging from marijuana-infused sweets and chocolates to barbecue sauce and bottled water, these products usually contain between 5-10 milligrams of THC. For adults who don’t know their tolerance or are merely taking it for recreational rather than medical purposes, it’s a conservative enough dose. Smoking, vaping and ingesting are the most popular delivery methods of cannabis. You can microdose anyway you normally take cannabis; a single puff if you are smoking or vaping or you could eat three times smaller the usual amount you take if you’re into edibles.

It seems however that practicing microdosing by edibles is the most usual way to do it. This is because it is the most convenient way to correctly quantify the tiny doses. What you could feel depends on the terpene and cannabinoid profiles of each strain. You can feel more relaxed, with an increased energy level, improved focus. Some people for example when they ingest sativa dominant hybrids also claim an increased level of creativity, enhanced emotional balance, and improved spiritual alertness.

There are quite a number of inexperienced smokers with a low THC threshold and the normal consumption method can take their toll leaving them with a feeling of discomfort and anxiousness. Microdosing seeks to deal with that trouble and aims at that specific market which is the reason why it is becoming popular and growing rapidly. People want to relax and ignite their creativity but without getting drawn up with the negativity that comes with it.

As far as the everyday consumer is concerned, we opine that you experiment and try to create a new routine. Start off with lesser doses and take your time to try out various ways of ingestion and see which strains and products suit you best. You can figure out a routine that perfectly works for you by merely doing this and exercising discipline with your daily cannabis consumption.

In your everyday life, microdosing could be helpful in managing mood, anxiety and stress without leaving you undermined. It is a particularly vital way of stress relief as chronic stress is associated to six leading causes of death in the US. Cannabis as a plant that has been around for thousands of years and can be used as a natural remedy. If creativity or frequent problem solving is a requirement of your job, microdosing could help you relax as well as focus without getting sucked up in all of it. It Microdosing seems the textbook method for the average individual to reap the benefits of cannabis without the long list of side effects. The perfect description of the benefits of microdosing in a sentence would be – less is more.

It looks as though cannabis is getting all the attention as a herb with medicinal benefits that could help people cope with a number of ailments. Thanks to microdosing, the industry is on the upward trajectory and now cannabis is finding its way into each and every household. We are perhaps experiencing a shift in the worldwide perception of cannabis.

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