Psychedelic Press Volume XX is out now!

Volume XX

Volume XX

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the publication of the latest Psychedelic Press journal – Volume XX – the first of 2017!

This edition is jam-packed full of interesting articles, including our new journal editor Nikki Wyrd’s report on her first psychedelic trip (by way of an introduction). There’s also articles by Psychedelic Press authors, Danny Nemu and Peter Sjöstedt-H who look at DMT researcher Rick Strassman’s latest book and the philosophy of Whitehead respectively. Memfer looks at possible early example of a Christian entheogen, CTX; Alan Piper examines the extraordinary psychedelic writing of David Lindsay; Batuhan Bintas explores the relativity of reality and the psychedelic experience; chaos magician David Lee’s very engaging piece describes the nature of breathwork for inducing psychedelic states; and Oli Genn-Bash reviews The Toad of Dawn. Pick up your copy below:


Editorial – Nikki Wyrd

CTX: An early Christian entheogen? – Memfer

Review: Rick Strassman’s DMT and the Soul of ProphecyDanny Nemu

The Altered States of David Lindsay – Alan Piper

My First Trip… – Nikki Wyrd

The Great God Pan is not Dead – Peter Sjöstedt-H

Review: Dr Octavio Rettig Hinojosa’s The Toad of Dawn – Oli Genn-Bash

Relativity of Reality – Batuhan Bintas

Spiritual Crisis and the Core Reality – David Lee

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