Psychedelic Press Journal Volume XIX: Breaking Convention special edition is out!


There’s something strangely strange about moving into an odd(ly normal) year, a feeling which started like the gentle flap of a butterfly’s wings in 2011, and is now whirring into a psychedelic storm – the return of the brilliant biennial Breaking Convention: Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness.

In Greenwich, London, at the end of June nearly 1000 people will gather for all the latest on psychedelic research and culture and the happening will auspiciously mark the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. We’re already getting excited down this way, and looking forward to a host of announcements about the event in January. If you can’t wait though, why not grab a copy of the latest Psychedelic Press journal; a Breaking Convention special with articles by some of the brilliant speakers at the last event. Content include:

The Gaia Project – Carl A. P. Ruck

The Permission of Vó Nadir – Alberto Groisman

5-MeO-DMT – Martin W. Ball

Open Dialogue – Dr Christopher Salway

Holotropic Breathwork – Marianne Murray and Holly Harman

On the Peyote Road – Lauren Unger

Criminals & Researchers – David Nickles

The Future of Psychedelics – Luc Sala

Pick up a copy (Ltd. 300) here:



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