Can You Buy Brains? Introducing Smart Drugs

Creative Commons by torbakhopper

Creative Commons by torbakhopper

College and university is an incredibly stressful time of your life. You’ve just finished high school where you were one of, if not, the smartest kid in school. Straight A’s came easy to you, your GPA was off the charts and everyone around you was in awe of how clever you are. But then comes the next step into further education, a chapter of your life that you enter with massive expectations from family, friends and, worst of all, yourself.

The problem with colleges and universities though is that you’re suddenly thrown into classes with all the other super smart kids from high school. And there is a very realistic chance that you are no longer going to be the smartest kid on the block, which can be incredibly soul destroying.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up and head back to the small town life. No, there are options out there for you! You see, you have the potential to compete with all your other classmates, you just need to unlock that potential. Which is why you should introduce smart drugs into your life.

Now before you run off scared by the d-word – after-all we’ve always been taught that drugs are bad – smart drugs like Modafinil are neither illegal nor bad. Nor is Modafinil ‘cheating’, this smart drug should be thought of as a lifestyle choice. It’s no different from eating extra vegetables for iron or downing protein shakes to improve your muscles mass. Modafinil is just a health supplement for the brain, a supplement that will help you to be you at your full potential every single day. This smart drug is the key you need to unleash your potential against those classmates and help you compete with their grades.

We all know how tough college can be. Classes all day, tons of assignments, so much studying and all while trying to maintain a social-life. Modafinil will help you stay alert and improve your brain function meaning you will take in more of your class material and get through that course work much quicker. Sounds better than chugging down coffee every hour, doesn’t it?

Plus, one of the greatest aspects of Modafinil is that it can make you happy to do all those horrid tasks you’ve been putting off. Simply take one pill in the morning and you’ll find yourself happily walking to the library ready to conquer all your studying. Before you know it you’ll have spent the full day in the library without procrastinating and you’ll be ready for more – whether that be studying or to get to that campus party everyone has been talking about.

Now you’re probably thinking what’s the catch? Well there isn’t one. Modafinil has a few small side effects such as headaches or an upset stomachs but its many benefits vastly outweigh these side effects. Perhaps money can’t buy brains, but it can buy you a brain supplement to unleash your brain’s potential and put you on the road to getting the best grades you could possibly get.

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