Psychedelic Press UK journal 2015 Volume V is out now!

PsypressUK 2015 Volume V

PsypressUK 2015 Volume V

It’s my pleasure to announce the release of Psychedelic Press UK Volume V which is now available from our online store here.

In this, our 14th journal, there’s the great diversity of thought and approach to psychedelic writing that I have always delighted in being able to include within the journal:

James Oroc, author of Tryptamine Palace, has kindly agreed for us to include one of his as yet unpublished excellent short stories ‘Who’s got the Bomb?’ Set against the backdrop of Hurricane Katrina and a Merry Pranksters anniversary, Oroc’s piece is both thoughtful and satirical in equal measure.

There’s also two wonderful complimentary pieces on the ritualistic use of entheogens. Jani Pestana discusses his own experience in two shamanic rituals alongside the theory of ‘embodied knowledge’, and author Julian Vayne examines the various practical strategies and methods of setting up and running medicine circles – both combine to give a vivid description of the nuances of such rich cultural endeavour.

Graham St John, in The Hyper Space Age, which is extracted from his forthcoming book on the cultural history of DMT, is a terrific exploration of the mind-space and the literature that has come to embody the psyche for psychonauts, all set against his own experience of a total eclipse party.

David Luke, who first contributed way back in our first 2012 volume, looks at San Pedro and Psychic Abilities: Notes on getting cactus lodged in your reducing valve. A combination of cultural history and personal experimentation that first appeared in the Cactus of Mystery (2013), Luke’s piece is beautifully crafted and comes to question how one can really tackle the field of psychic abilities and psychedelic substances.

And finally, Roger Keen – who also first appeared in the pages of PsypressUK in 2012 – concludes his two-part exploration of psychedelia and the movies, with a look at some of the more recent efforts and the effect that 3D can have in reproducing the psychedelic experience on screen.

I hope you all enjoy this edition. Until next time, keep it trippy!

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