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PsypressUK 2015 Volume II

The Psychedelic Press UK journal is a high quality, bi-monthly print publication dedicated to the role of psychoactive substances in science, history, literature, and culture. Since 2012, the journal has been an important part of the burgeoning psychedelic scene in not only the UK, but also the wider world, featuring the best in psychedelic literature. Why subscribe?

“Florid as psychosis, poetic as the elements, insightful as meditation and intellectual as the noosphere: PsyPressUK is a ragtaglledy mag loaded with psychedelic word mongery from far-flung medicine bags and the academy’s finest pharmacographers. Not just writing on drugs, but writing about drugs, with the light fully switched on.” – Dr David Luke, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at University of Greenwich, London

Contributors include many of the world’s leading experts, writers and trippers, and you’ll be as likely to find a paper on the latest research in psychedelic studies as you are comment on contemporary issues such as ayahuasca tourism and drug legislation, along with high calibre trip reports, psychedelic literature, and innovative fiction. Seriousness must always come with a dose of creativity, so PsypressUK aims at both informing and entertaining in equal measures.

Our top class contributors have included the likes of Mike JayStanislav GrofRick StrassmanBen SessaHenrik DahlPeter Sjostedt-HDavid Luke, Nikki Wyrd, Cody Johnson, Julian Vayne, Casey Hardison, Maria Papaspyrou, and dozens of others – who cover disciplines as diverse as psychotherapy, history, literature, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, creative writing, chemistry, and law.

PsypressUK Journal (2014 Vol. IV)

PsypressUK Journal

The field of psychedelic studies, and of course the practice of psychedelics, is a multi-level, multidimensional territory, and PsypressUK aims at the not inconsiderable task of pulling all of these threads together for your insight and enjoyment. If you want to keep up-to-date with the latest research and happenings then the PsypressUK journal is a must read. So, why not have some cutting edge psychedelic literature delivered to your door every two months at a much reduced price?

Published the first narrative papers from participants in the UK’s reboot of LSD trials in 2014.

Special themed issues on psychedelic history, literature, and magick.

Each volume has a specially commissioned front cover artwork that has included visionary artist Stuart Griggs, Rebecca Jordan, Edmond Griffith-Jones, Lucy Brown, Jeremy Beswick, and more.

Keep abreast of the latest psychedelic thinking, writing and events in psychedelic culture worldwide.

The yearly subscription price (see sign up form below), which includes postage & packaging and 6 volumes, means you’ll make an overall saving of 35%. Please remember to choose the correct shipping region below. All subscriptions begin with the next published volume after the date of your subscription, however if you would like to begin with the last published volume, please drop us an email at psypressuk[@] – many thanks for your support, and if you’d like more information on previous journals please click here. Happy tripping!


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DMT researcher Rick Strassman featured in a previous journal

DMT researcher Rick Strassman featured in a previous journal

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