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Breaking Convention 2011

At a time when research with psychedelic medicines is beginning to rise to prominence once again, we feel it’s important to help support the charities that are making this important medicinal step – a step which will help address some of society’s worst mental illnesses.

Myself and London-based artist Tom Andrews will be walking the 163 mile Saxon Shore Way to help raise money and awareness for the outstanding psychedelic charity Breaking Convention. Their aims are as follows:

a) Organising and hosting a biennial academic conference bringing together multiple disciplines (including medicine, psychology, anthropology, sociology, law, politics and the arts) associated with the research of psychedelic substances;

b) Promoting and supporting research on psychedelic substances and the dissemination, and assistance in the dissemination, of the useful results of such research.

c) The publication of an academic book based on each conference.

The Saxon Shore Way follows the coastline of the South East of England as it was about 1500 years ago, long before the North Kent Marshes or the Romney Marsh appeared, and long before punitive drug laws affecting medical research came into existence – at a time when the mead was sweet and the herbs plentiful.

The sponsored walk, which will take between 10 days and two weeks, will take place from June 15, 2015, in plenty of time for this year’s Breaking Convention conference in July (speakers list published here). We aiming to raise £500 – not only will the money raised help BC disseminate information about the latest psychedelic research, but it will also help guarantee on-going researches around the UK and further events.

If you feel strongly about psychedelic research, combating mental illness, and helping to produce safe and well-informed information on psychedelic substances, then please consider sponsoring us on this walk – donations of any amount are most welcomed.

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