New paper on psychedelic psychiatry, ecology and literature

by Tom Andrews

Preparing the Gaia Connection 
An Ecological Exposition of Psychedelic Literature 1954-1963
by Robert Dickins, author of Erin

This paper, originally published in the European Kournal of Ecopsychology, investigates the extent to which psychiatrically-mediated drug texts, published in the mid-twentieth century, reveal an ecological awareness in their form and content. Primarily, this exposition extrapolates how the understanding of personal interconnectedness with wider systems—culture, nature, or the universe, for example—is provided by the ingestion of psychedelics under the auspices of psychiatry and psychoanalysis. It argues that this allowed a territory for the recognition of both the dangers that humanity pose to our ecological systems, and the understanding that one is very much a part of said system, and not an isolated or alienated unit. You can read the full paper here: Preparing the Gaia Connection

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