Psychedelic Press UK journal – 2015 Volume II – is now available

PsypressUK 2015 Volume II

The April edition of the Psychedelic Press UK journal (2015 Volume II) is now published and available. It can be bought from our online shop here: Psychedelic Press UK 2015 Volume II

This volume includes the second report from last year’s reboot of LSD Trials. Chris Howarth’s article, Subject  S14CH, is a triumph of drug writing that skilfully navigates his experience. (Incidentally, there’s still a few days left to help crowd-fund the world’s first imaging study of the brain on LSD. There’s been a slew of causes to fund of late, but I believe this one is a particularly worthy cause.)

Elsewhere in the journal, historian Andy Roberts explores the Francis Crick, DNA, and LSD myth in his micro-history; Robert Tindall and Susana Bustos examine the shamanic implications of Homer’s Odyssey; there’s an excerpt from my own novel Erin, describing an experience with Salvia divinorum; Simon G. Powell discusses his mushroom experience of the ‘Sacred Pattern’; Jan Kounen relates an ayahuasca experience in Tonight, Some People will Encounter Fear; and lastly, Julyan Levy explores Ibogaine, asking if it’s a gift of forgiveness from equatorial Africa.

A breathtaking edition that also features the artwork of Lucy Brown.

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