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The Shamanic Lands

When: 6 & 7 June 2015

Where: Conway Hall, London

The Shamanic Lands is a two day interactive event uniting the ancient knowledge of the British Isles and Ireland with global shamanic wisdom. It is taking place at Conway Hall, London, on 6 – 7 June, 2015.

We are in a time of great change in the world and shamanism is becoming ever more popular as a way to navigate through the turmoil. The call for us to reconnect back to our authentic selves has never been heard louder. Many people are being drawn to travel to other countries in search of the genuine shamanic experience and to heal with sacred plant medicine, while we reside in lands already rich with shamanic heritage.

The Shamanic Lands will draw upon the practices and knowledge of shamanism in these isles with authentic wisdom keepers that span a variety of paths, from Celtic to Anglo-Saxon, Wiccan to Pagan and Druid to Norse, while at the same time celebrating and uniting with the indigenous shamans of other lands.

Join us on a journey through the magic, the healing and the knowledge to bring teachings, practical sessions, music, drum journeys and story-telling taking us along the path to self-empowerment, the understanding of our experiences and for collective consciousness healing. Through honouring the land, the ancestors, the plants and the spirits, we will gather together to participate and learn from the wisdom keepers of the shamanic lands.

The Shamanic Lands

There’s a host of incredible speakers at this year’s event, including: Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, Elen Sentier, Carole Guyett, Martin Duffy, Itzhak Beery, Brooke Medicine Eagle, don Santos, Maestro Manuel Rufino, and Luke Eastwood. Find out more about the speakers here. Brooke Medicine Eagle will also be conducting a 1 day workshop entitled the Practice and Power of White Buffalo Woman’s Gifts – well worth getting involved with!

Second Nature will also be there for the Soundscape Journey (listen to some of their beats here:

Weekend and one day tickets are available here:

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