Tickets available for Breaking Convention: 3rd International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness

Breaking Convention 2015


Following the success of the Breaking Convention conferences in 2011 and 2013, the technicolor flag of international psychedelia will be hoisted once again over the weekend of 10-12 July 2015. It will be held once again at the beautiful, baroque Old Royal Naval College campus of the University of Greenwich. Tickets are now on sale for this incredible – and unmissable – event:

There is a fantastic line up of speakers for this year’s conference, which includes Ann Shulgin, Prof. David Nutt, Prof. Roland Griffiths, Prof. David Nichols, Kat Harrison, Daniel Pinchbeck, Dale Pendell, Jonathan Ott, Dr Rick Doblin, Prof. Val Curran, Amanda Feilding, Dr Robin Carhart-Harris, Luke Brown, Martina Hoffman, Prof. Torsten Passie, and some 100+ other psychedelic speakers making this the largest gathering of presenters on psychedelic research, medicine, therapy, policy and culture in the world. 

Plus there’ll be art installations, an art exhibition, interactive technology (e.g., Lucia No 3), workshops, a dedicated theatre for films, stalls, bookshops, and evening entertainment on campus in 3 exclusive rooms with bar, (more) art, bands, DJs, etc.

Ticket prices include a generous welcome pack, containing the printed programme booklet, a complimentary copy of Neurotransmissions: Essays on Psychedelics from Breaking Convention, magazines, Breaking Convention stationary, a printed cotton bag, and our trademark Blotter Paper namebadge.

The Psychedelic Press will be there, will you?

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