Epilogenesis: An Introduction to Psychedelic Heresy


The Ecology, Cosmos and Consciousness lectures series presents:

Event: Epilogenesis – An Introduction to Psychedelic Heresy

by Dave King

Monday, 23th March, 2015

October Gallery, 24 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AL

Please RSVP on Facebook (afraid so) so that we can anticipate numbers


– Please pay on the door.

Entry £7 /£5 Concessions, Arrive 6pm for a 6:30pm Start – Wine available

The model of epilogenesis describes changes in a person’s ability to exercise conscious choice in a physiological or psychological process. When ordinarily non-conscious material is brought into consciousness – through either concentration or accident – it may sometimes allow for manipulation over processes usually out of our control. It is quite a mundane occurence and may be achieved through biofeedback, neurofeedback, meditation, breathwork or yoga (to name a few), but under the influence of psychedelics epilogenesis may come instantly and unexpectedly. This talk presents this model and combines it with Metzner’s descriptions of consciousness expansion and contraction.

Dave King is co-founder of Breaking Convention and the UKC Psychedelics Society. He represented the Beckley Foundation at a House of Lords seminar in 2011, and directed the 2012 Shulgin Blotter Art Fundraiser, which generated $21,000 for Sasha Shulgin’s medical care. He is the lead editor of the upcoming book ‘Neurotransmissions: Essays on Psychedelics’, and was a co-editor of ‘Breaking Convention: Essays on Psychedelics’. He self-published ‘A Short Introduction to Psychedelics’ in 2008, currently undergoing editorial revision with Scriptor Press. He worked at the National University of Singapore Medical School for two years, conducting translational human immunology research on CMV and T-cell senescence.

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