Club Imaginal launches with Blue Dear Prayer: Quests and Challenges of the Oldest Psychedelic Tribe

Image by Ernesto Barreiro Colon

Image by Ernesto Barreiro Colon

Marwood Coffee Shop, a place where you can apparently find kick arse coffee and life changing cake, will now be hosting a monthly platform, Club Imaginal, where explorations into the unknown will be launched. The first event is happening this coming wednesday between 6:30 and 9:45 with: Blue Dear Prayer: Quests and challenges of the oldest psychedelic tribe, with a film screening and Q&A with Dr David Luke. Indeed, explorers can expect to learn about the Wixaritari (Huichol) people and their use of the Peyote Cactus along with their cosmology and understanding that the world today is in a shift towards a new way of being.

Recently, large crowds gathered inside and out the Passing Clouds venue, London, a few weeks ago to learn about the Huichol and the shamanic peyote tradition, plus their ongoing campaign to prevent environmental destruction of one of their sacred sites. To help this along, and to help the Huichol buy some land of their own, and to raise money for their pilgrimage, Dr David Luke has launched an Indigogo campaign: The Wixitari Renovation.

This Wednesday’s Club Imaginal launch is looking to be the first of many of its kind. We were lucky enough to catch up with organisers Maria and Adam to ask about their motivations for organising such a space and the meaning behind the name, to which they commented:

‘Brighton is an alternative bubble with loads of interesting people, many of them intrepid soul surfers! We’ve both recently moved to Brighton and have felt the lack of this sort of alternative happening. We often travelled and met in London in search of similar events -The Ecology, Cosmos and Consciousness salon, the Breaking Convention conference, the Regeneration conference, amongst others. For a while now we’ve wanted to recreate a similar space at home, down here in Brighton – and so we did! This is as much an offering to the community as a way to fulfil our own intellectual and communal cravings in this town! We hope Club Imaginal will bear further fruits in this community and spark some interesting collaborations, much like what’s happened for us.’

‘The Imaginal exists within many traditions as the intermediate realm that connects humanity to the divine. A bit like a personal broadband connection to god! The term legitimises our imagination as a mode of knowing and experiencing things, like the Romantic poets did and people like Carl Jung have described. The name reflects our two main goals. We’d like to trigger and nurture people’s imagination – something we need to re-connect with in order to manage the demands of everyday life and the collective challenges we are today being faced with. We also want to create a sense of community, which is the main force behind setting this project up. The word club is to invite that sense of belonging and coming together.’

This is going to be a great new series, so if you’re in or near Brighton, please do pop along!







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