Wixaritari Shaman and Psychedelic Researcher Deliver Talk and Present Film at Passing Clouds


January 18 at Passing Clouds, London, will see a Huichol shaman: Mara’akame Paritemai, and psychedelic researcher: Dr. David Luke present a documentary film screening and discussion around the world’s oldest psychedelic tribe, the Wixaritari (Huichol), and their fight to save their spiritual ecology, which is currently under threat by mining exploitation.

The Wixaritari (Huichol) are a prehispanic shamanic tribe from Mexico who resisted conquest and outside incursion for 500 years and have continued their magical pagan traditions, connection to the land and consumption of the psychedelic peyote cactus for millennia. They are one of the world’s oldest unbroken psychedelic tribes and yet their way of life is currently under threat from foreign mining interests that seek to destroy their sacred lands and their culture with it.

Join Wixaritari mara’akame (shaman) Paritemai and psychedelic researcher Dr David Luke as they discuss the Desert of Wirikuta, the Renovation of the World and Shift of the Times. There will also be an exclusive screening of a new documentary film about the Huichol nation.

“The Dieties have talked, and they said that is the time for the human kind to renew the World. Takutzi Nakawe the Goddess that gives life in Earth has told the Ceremonial group to begin with the task, as our ancestors did. First in the 5 cardinal point of the Wixaritari Cosmology, then in the “Fire Belt” of Central Mexico (Volcanoes) and the Pyramids and Ancient Temples which are aligned to the belt, and the Ancient Temples of other Countries of the World. The Deities, our Father Sun, Mother Earth, Grandpa Fire, Ancestors, The Deer… they are going to shift too, and they are looking forward to “talk a new language”; New ways of existence, They are asking us humans too first do a unification of the entire humanity, then and finally do the Ceremonies of Renovation of the World; The old (candles) offerings that our ancestors did are about to end…”

Mara’akame Paritemai (Don Santos Lopez) is the previous Governor of the Tateikie Huichol community (San Andres Cohamiata) North of Jalisco, Mexico. He spent 5 years as the leader of the Ceremonial Centre in San Jose Tesorero. Marakame Paritemai has over thirty years of experience as a medicine man and healer.

Dr David Luke, psychologist, is a lecturer, researcher and writer focusing on anomalous experience and altered states, especially transpersonal psychedelic experiences. He has published over 100 academic texts in this area, including co/editing and co-authoring four recent books. He also co/organises various events such as the Ecology, Cosmos and Consciousness Salon, Breaking Convention and Psychic Lysurgery.

Doors open at 5pm

5:30 start

9:30-midnight: Passing Clouds Sunday Jam


Donations welcome

Passing Clouds

1 Richmond Rd, London E8 4AA


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