Psychedelic Press Journal – 2014 Vol.5 – is now out!

Psychedelic Press 2014 Vol.5As our longest night approaches here in the UK, thoughts are beginning to dwell more on 2015, but before they take up permanent residence, our final journal publication of 2014 must make its appearance. Slightly delayed – apologies for copies not reaching homes before the festive season – it is my pleasure to announce that Volume 5 is now available here.

The stunning cover, a section of which adorns the header of this newsletter, is by the incredibly talented visionary artist Stuart Griggs. This volume has been co-edited with Dave King, co-founder of Breaking Convention – incidentally, BC has announced that the psychedelic conference is taking place at Greenwich University, London on 10-12 July 2015. Tickets on sale in the new year.

2014 Vol.5 has a focus on the use of new terminology within the field of psychedelic studies. Rick Strassman explores ‘theoneurology’ in his article ‘The Prophetic State and the DMT Effect’, while Maria Papaspyrou and Tim Reid explore their Jungian-inspired terms ‘femtheogens’ and ‘archaidelics’ respectively. Furthermore, Dave King discusses his fascinating term ‘epilogensis’, which centres around self-diagnosis.

In ‘Ayahuasca Visions’, Ross Heaven explores how culture can act as a force that prevents healing with ayahuasca, by creating certain visionary expectations that undermine the process. Finally, it is our pleasure to be able to publish the first account from a participant in the UK’s recent LSD trials –  the first for 40 years. Toby Slater’s article ‘The LSD Trial’, which includes a poem, recounts a difficult, but ultimately positive experience.

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