Psychedelic Society announces #psychedelicpride photoshoot

Psychedelic Society

After their inaugural meeting – Mainstreaming Psychedelics – last month at Conway Hall, London, the Psychedelic Society has announced its next event: the #psychedelicpride photoshoot. The shoot is taking place on Saturday, December 13 2014, from 12:00pm – 18:00pm, in central London (exact location tbc). LSD researcher, Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris, will also be giving a talk during the day.

A similarity was noted at Conway Hall between the Gay rights movement and Psychedelia: The shared desire for equality in law, to be free of criminalisation, and the need to place an emphasis on ‘coming out the closet’ and having ‘pride’, hence #psychedelicpride. There is an onus, therefore, not only on being open about supporting a change in the law, but also on using psychedelic s generally. It is a question of social normalisation.

According to The Director of the Psychedelic Society, Stephen Reid, ‘The symbol of #psychedelicpride is the neon fist. You’ll dip your fist in a bucket of neon paint, and have your photo taken by a professional photographer for use in a gallery on our website.’ A sign of solidarity and support, the raised fist has a long history of use by activists.

For obvious reasons, the little cynical voice in the back of my head did start to natter. Asking adherents of the Psychedelic Society to publically undertake a ritualised fist-raising in order to declare psychedelic allegiance is a bold step, to say the least. Do we want our faces plastered in an online line-up?

However, while there are, of course, many warranted and reasonable fears amongst the criminalised, discriminated minority of psychedelic users, at the end of the day, this is perhaps the point. In this wyrd and wonderful world normality is very likely reached when psychedelic day-glow fists are shoved in the air for the universe to see. And the sacrifice of anonymity, in this case, must apparently be made.


Tickets are free for those on low incomes, and by donation for everyone else.

(Oh, and there will be free food and drink!)

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