Psychedelic Press UK Journal 2014 Volume 4 Out Today


PsypressUK Journal

PsypressUK Journal

The latest Psychedelic Press journal is now available, and PsypressUK 2014 Volume IV continues what’s been a most engaging year of psychedelic publications.

You can pick up a copy here.

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This issue includes two articles on the writer William S. Burroughs, who would be celebrating his hundredth year in 2014 were he still alive, and a couple on psilocybin, the magical mushroom ingredient that is currently sprouting up all over the UK for the Autumn season; the first examining the medicinal potential of the chemical, the second examining its position in the UK legal schema.

Moreover, we’ve scholarly pieces on psychedelic possessions and the role of Henri Bergson’s thought on psychedelic thinking; author Andy Roberts recounts a harrowing trip-tale from the 1970s involving the use of tarot, and Ross Heaven outlines some of the dangers, and how to stay safe, in seeking healing in the Amazon. This issue’s cover artwork has been painted by the wonderful Rebecca Jordan.

Content (104pp):

Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape – by Andy Roberts

Psychedelic Possession – by David Luke

Death by Martian Shaman – by Ross Heaven

Intuition & Psychedelic Thinking – by Tim Hardwick

Psilocybin Vs. the House of Pantomime – by Simon G. Powell

Psilocybin: The Science of – by Sam Gandy

William S. Burroughs – by John Long

Burroughs: A Life – a book review by Roger Keen




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