Occupy Democracy Continues Despite Arrests and Confiscated Tarpaulin

Natalie Bennet giving a talk at Occupy Democracy, London

Natalie Bennet giving a talk at Occupy Democracy, London

The Metropolitan Police arrested 15 protesters this morning at the Occupy Democracy site in Parliament Square, London.

As a result, over the course of today, the Occupy Democracy site has moved to another part of the square where demonstrations are permitted.

The Psychedelic Press UK has been informed that the talks are proceeding as usual.

George Barda, spokesmen for Occupy Democracy has said:

‘Talks and workshops are still very much taking place and will be until Sunday. People are not in danger of being arrested if they do come down because we have moved to a site where gatherings are permitted.’

Today’s arrests were carried out under The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 because protesters were sitting in their sleeping bags on some tarpaulin, and then refused to give their details.

The 2011 act prohibits material that aids comfort and could lead to an extended period of stay in Parliament Square.

A spokesperson from the Metropolitan Police commented:

‘The tarpaulin has been removed and fifteen people have been arrested for failing to provide details suitable for a summons. They have been taken to a central London police station.’



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