Occupy Democracy Launches a Week of Talks on Parliament Square

Image Courtesy of UK uncut

Image Courtesy of UK Uncut

A week of talks are now underway at Occupy Democracy, a temporary protest camp on Events Square, London that is seeking to discuss ‘Britain’s broken democracy and ways to fix it.’

Other campaigns, including Anti-fracking and Save our NHS, have come together with the wider Occupy London movement to form Occupy Democracy, which is focussing on the wider political framework that is giving rise to environmental issues and continuing privatisation.

George Barda, spokesmen for the movement, spoke to the Psychedelic Press today and said: “The week is aiming to highlight and discuss what a real democracy would like and we aim to finish the week off with ways we can bring this about.”

Russell Brand has now twice visited the site and given speeches on the sorry state of British Home affairs. Today’s talks have been on the theme of public services and privatisation, and the corporate take-over, with discussions hosted by Peter Pania (Stroud Against Cuts) and Caroline Molly (Our NHS).

The rest of the weeks line up is as follows:

Tuesday is hosting talks on Public Services, Privatisation and Trade Deals, and will be focussing on education and homes. Speakers include: Luke Martel from University of Sussex/Free University, and Nick Dearden from the World Development Movement.

Wednesday involves a track named: Life, Environment & Equality – why a revolution in democracy is needed to safeguard our future.  With Speakers including: Jenny Jones (Green Party), Jeremy Leggett (Solar Century, Carbon Tracker), Jonathan Neale (One Million Climate Jobs) Mothiur Rahman (Community Chartering Network), Ruth & Clare (Fuel Poverty Action) and Suzanne Dhaliwal (UK Tar Sands Network).

Thursday 23 Oct: Justice, Equality and the Media – why the poor are criminalised and the rich get away with it –
with Hannah Dee (Defend the Right to Protest), Melanie Strickland (Occupy Law) and Nina Owen (Eradicating Ecocide).

Friday 24 Oct: War & Peace – War, what is it good for? Why we need to redefine our national interests and bring an end to resource wars. Featuring Mika Minio-Paluello (Platform), Chris Nineham (Stop The War) and Penny Rimbaud & Louise Elliot (words and music).

Saturday 25 Oct: Solutions – What would real democracy look like? What would our ideal society look like? Featuring Sarah Allan (Constitutional Convention Campaign), Donnachadh McCarthy (21st Century Great Reform Act), David Malone (author, The Debt Generation) and Dilar Dirik (University of Cambridge).

Sunday 26 Oct: Means of change – a better world is nice in theory, but how do we make it happen? We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.
A day of assemblies to answer the question: “where do we go from here?” With interventions by Ewa Jasiewicz (Reclaim The Power) and others.

Please do pop along and check it out, and George Barda also told us that donations of waterproofs, particularly yellow umbrellas (yellow is the Anti-Fracking campaign colour), would be hugely appreciated.

You can follow the events on twitter @occupydemocracy

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