Psychedelic Press UK 2014 Volume 2 journal is out now!

Cover artwork for PsypressUK 2014 Vol.2 by Eileen Hall

Cover artwork for PsypressUK 2014 Vol.2 by Eileen Hall

It is my great pleasure to announce the publication of Psychedelic Press UK 2014 Volume 2 – available in print here, and now also as an eBook (ePub and Kindle.)

There’s a strong historical thread in the up-coming issue. Andy Roberts, author of Albion Dreaming: A Popular History of LSD in Britain, tells the story of the Psilocybin Fayre, a Welsh free festival held in the late 1970s and early 1980s. An end-of-season event marked by the picking of liberty caps, Andy brilliantly describes the role of free festivals and the curious lengths local government went to in order to shut down the gathering of hippies, freaks and new age travellers. In Northern Lights, Henrik Dahl describes the untold history of psychedelia in his home-nation of Sweden. An important contribution to psychedelic history generally, Sweden’s role stretches right back to some of the earliest explorers and botanists right through to today’s revival and researchers like Patrick Lundborg. The infamous use of a flying-ointment by medieval European witches is analysed by Thomas Hatsis, who expertly brings the study these tropane-based delirients into the twenty-first century.

We are very excited to be able to include an interview with LSD alchemist Casey Hardison who, in 2004, was given twenty years in prison by Her Majesty for the production of a variety of entheogens. Released last year, Casey discusses how the arrest went down, his psychological transformation, and the best use of language and law in developing a regulated system for the use of psychedelics in society today. Our very own Reverend Nemu, author of Science Revealed, examines science and taboo in the study of ayahuasca, arguing that there remains a host of implicit assumptions  in the work of researchers that need to be addressed in order to provide more accurate descriptions of ayahuasca-using groups. In many ways a contentious article, it also deeply illuminating, and is a great contribution to the field.

Dr. Ben Sessa, author of The Psychedelic Renaissance, talks about the increasingly exciting situation regarding international cannabis legalisation, and his life-long dream to establish the UK’s first legal fair trade cannabis import business – bringing safe, non-hydroponic, natural cannabis into the UK from Malawi, Nepal, Afghanistan, Morocco, Pakistan and Thailand – boosting the economies of these poor countries and reducing rates of hydro-induced psychosis for UK citizens. Psychedelics, ever since their use in helping alcoholics recover from their addiction in the 1950s, have often been vaulted as a therapy for addressing a range of other addictions. In Trip to Sobriety, Sam Gandy looks at the research that has been done in this area over the last 60 years, with a particular emphasis on ibogaine, and how exactly the action of various substances in the brain combat addiction cycles. Finally, Simon G. Powell, author of The Psilocybin Solution, in a very thought-engaging article, looks at how psilocybin-containing ‘magic mushrooms’ can help promote the awareness of natural intelligence, and how it is a vitally important step to re-attune humankind to nature and our environment.

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