Tweeters: Win a Free Copy of the book Science Revealed by Reverend Nemu

Reverend Nemu wired up for some Psilocybin

Reverend Nemu wired up for some Psilocybin

Our latest publication Science Revealed by Reverend Nemu is creating quite a stir, and we’re offering a golden opportunity for you to get your own hands on a free copy! All you have to do is retweet our tweet below between now and lunchtime on Saturday (UK time) and we’ll pick a winner at random and post a copy straight to your door – winner will be contacted directly. But what is Science Revealed all about?

Science Revealed considers the apocalypse in science as discovery. Biographies of scientists including Tesla and Einstein reveal how our most groundbreaking ideas result not from rational thinking and tapping on calculators, but from visions, dreams, feverish delirium and other non-rational revelations. The controversies that blow up when such insights clash with received wisdom are often resolved in a manner most unscientific, and this is just one of the ways in which what is simplistically called ‘rationalism’ often obscures truth in a fundamentally complex world

You don’t need to just take our word for how groundbreaking and insightful this book is, Reality Sandwich have recently published a chapter that you can read online: The Blunt Edge of Ockham’s Razor. Moreover you can read an interview with the author, Reverend Nemu, here: Occupy, Anarchy, and the Apocalypse. Science Revealed shows the process of apocalypse at work in scientific discovery, in the psychology of non-normal states, and in transformative catastrophes in evolutionary and social history. Despite the inelegance of street preachers and the disinterest of the sensible majority, the apocalypse is relevant to our lives, and becoming more so every day. Read more about the author, the book, and the Nemu’s End series here.

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