PsypressUK 2014 is now available! 14 great psychedelic writers included…

Drink Me by Jeremy BeswickIt is our great pleasure to announce that the fourth edition of the PsypressUK psychedelic drug writing anthology is now available. Only £5 – you can order your copy from here. Showcasing the best in current psychedelic drug writers from across a range of backgrounds and disciplines, this latest anthology is the biggest yet – with a wonderful cover illustration by Jeremy Beswick (Cornwall, UK).

CONTRIBUTORS (in no particular order):

Ross Heaven – Salvia Divinorum and the Illusion of our Existence

Neal M. Goldsmith – Neurotransmitters and the Integral Approach to Reality

Justin Panneck – The Ritual Use of Ayahuasca

Thomas Hatsis – The Dogmatist’s Debacle

Peter Sjöstedt-H – Myco-Metaphysics

Chris Salway – Potential Risks of MDMA Use

Dale Bewan – Psychedelics as a Tool for Directed Self-Discovery

Robert Tindall – Is Alcohol a Spirit?

Psychedelic Frontier – Fireworks

Sam Gandy – Who’s Tripping Who?

Duncan Thomson – The Rise of Cannabis in Modern Medicine

Judith Sudholter – An Interview with Luke Brown

James W. Jesso – Reigniting Awe

Ivo Aleixo – Drug Laws in Portugal


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