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Kosmicare UK

Kosmicare UK has been working at British festivals for 5 years, always just for the love of it, and with very little resources. They have helped lots of trippers when they find themselves in the middle of their worst nightmare and helped them gain perspective and solid ground again in order for them to have the most rewarding experience.

However, they are not funded and have been supporting themselves with the commitment and devotion of the core group because they really believe in the importance of the project. Unfortunately though, they get out-of-pocket every season. Kosmicare UK needs your support! Please help them by funding the running costs of this important project. This is a time limit campaign and there is only 30 days to go! Please contribute… you never know, you or a love one, may need this service one day.

Kosmicare UK need a new Yurt to provide a safe-space in which to operate and a number of other things such as a Van and camping gear. Please help fund this project by giving generously in the knowledge that you are supporting an invaluable harm reduction service and creating a model for present and future care work of this kind.

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