Early bird discount for PsypressUK 2014 available for limited time only!

Illustration by Emily Sams appeared in PsypressUK 2013 Vol.2

Illustration by Emily Sams appeared in PsypressUK 2013 Vol.2

With PsypressUK 2013 Vol.2 disappearing fast, and the deadline for submissions to the next edition looming in a couple of weeks, we’ve opened up an early bird discount of a whopping 30% off on pre-orders for PsypressUK 2014: Anthology of Pharmacography – that’s just £3.50! This offer only lasts for October, whereupon the price will incrementally increase till the full-whack from December. Psychedelic Press UK 2014 is due to be published in January.

We can announce a number of exciting contributors already – but many more still to come – including: Ross Heaven – Author of Cactus of Mystery – who will be discussing the sacred nature of Salvia. Neil Goldsmith – Author of Psychedelic Healing – will be discussing neurotransmitters and the integral approach to reality. Justin Panneck writes a very learned piece on the ayahuasca ritual, and Thomas Hatsis writes a excellent exposition on the Holy Mushroom theory.

It’s set to be an outstanding edition of the anthology – with some incredible artwork and a plethora of interesting articles on psychedelics, entheogens, and drugs, from across a multitude of disciplinary boundaries.

You can order your copy here.

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