The Festival Photography of Mark Falmouth

by Mark Falmouth

It has been my pleasure to have spent the last six or so years reviewing some of the UK’s best underground music and arts festivals. Through the rain, sun, wind, sleet and hail of the British summer, I’ve be able to see some of the best music the world has to offer, hear some of the finest speakers, and be involved in some of the mischievous merry-making that makes these celebrations tick.

BoomTown 2012 by Mark FalmouthMy creative reviews always aim at transporting the reader into the carnivalesque atmospheres and, more often than not, the psychedelic-style mayhem that ensues at events, but my words would mean nothing without the wonderful photography that accompanies then. These, over nearly all my years of reviewing, has been provided by one of Britain’s finest festival photographers—Mark Falmouth.

Through the ecstatic joys, the face-plants into mud, and the four-in-the-morning babbles about the nature of the universe, Mark always seems to be on hand, and his photography reflects this. While his ability to take beautiful landscape shots, wide-lens crowd shots and thrashing band pictures is second-to-none, it is his skill at portraiture that most obviously stands out—taking shots of those intimate festival moments where the reality of people’s smiles flourish unhindered.

It is, therefore, with great pleasure that I’d like to announce that Mark has collected some of his finest imagery into a number of photo book collections. The two festivals that have really stood out over the last five years have been BoomTown Fair and Sunrise Celebration, and Mark’s selections from these two on-going extravaganzas of the British summer are superb.

The joy, the mischief, the frantic partying and the thoughtful, twirling reflections in the rain—not to mention the monsters, the pixies and a few hippies to boot—are masterfully shot and framed by Mark. So to help support the continuation of beautiful festival photography, for the memories of events and the love of art, you can purchase copies of his photo books here:

BoomTown Fair Photo Book Hardcopy

BoomTown Fair Photo Ebook

Sunrise Photo Book Hardcopy

Sunrise Photo Ebook

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