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Happy times at Lost Theory



The Lost Theory festival crew is currently cooking the 2013 edition. The new chapter of this extraordinary adventure will again take place on the grassy banks of a gently flowing river.

On their festival menu, only the best ingredients: sunny atmosphere, interesting workshops, wacky cinema, mad circus, spiritual healing, touristic excursions, ecological awareness, beautiful mountains… but above all music, arts and friendly people.

A new feature this year is the second stage, hosted by two of the finest beat concepts: Roots of Minimal and Feestgedruis. A selection of quality performers will please your greedy ears with blistering minimal and progressive tunes.

With three already known stages, Lost Theory festival now introducesa fourth stage. It will be reserved for dub music, powered by Digitron Soundsystem. Another innovation is new line-up appearance of Eat Static, Boris Brejcha, Loopus in Fabula, Makadam and Pspiralifea, which replaced the Swedes Minilogue and Son Kite.

Swedish musicians Mullaert Sebastian and Marcus Henriksson – duo known as Son Kite and Minilogue cancelled their appearance at Lost Theory Festival due to a rescheduled album tour in Japan. Their performance on two stages will be replaced by Eat Static, Boris Brejcha, Loopus In Fabula, Makadam and Pspiralife. Complete line up can be found on the festival website  www.losttheoryfestival.com

Festival organizers have added a fourth stage powered by Digitron Soundsystem – Balkan Dub Defenders. Digitron Sound was established in 2007, by members of Radikal Dub Kolektiv and Bamwise (both live dubbands). Considering the fact that „dub scene“ in Croatia was/is not quite developed orpermanent for that matter, an idea was spawned to make a first self-build sound system,with an intention to promote dub music in the original way. Nowdays, Digitron is a well known sound system performing all across Europe, spreading the good vibes, a positive message, bass meditation and d.i.y.counter – culture ethics. Apart from the sound system, there is also a studio producing exclusive dubplates inna heavy–weight steppas dub style, which can be heard from different sound systems all around the globe.

Lost Theory Festival offers a great variety of electronic music genres for all tastes. A number of excellent performances are expected with artists who will complement the familiar atmosphere and experience of this music festival in nature.

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This year Line up:


ANKUR (Lost Theory | Germany)

ANNOYINGNINJAS (Parvati | Denmark)

ANOEBIS (Suntrip | Belgium)

ATRIOHM (Parvati | Macedonia)

D-WAUW (Lost Theory | Israel)

DARK EL KANTE (6-Dimension Sound, Random Rec | Spain)

DARSHAN (Flying Rhino | UK) Oldskool set

DERANGO ft PUROSURPO (Sanaton | Sweden)


DIMENSION 5 (Suntrip | UK) Oldskool set

EAT STATIC (Solstice Music | UK)

ENCEPHALOPATICYS (Parvati | Macedonia)

EPHEDRIX (Dacru | Belgium)

FAREBI JALEBI (Lost Theory | India)

GOCH (Mighty Quin | Macedonia)

GREEN NUNS OF THE REVOLUTION (Flying Rhino | UK) Oldskool set

GROUCH (Zenon | New Zealand)

HUX FLUX (Spiral Trax | Sweden)

IANUARIA (Blue Hours | Austria)

IGOR SWAMP (Antiscarp | Finland)

JAIRAM (Real Vision, Lost Theory | Germany)


KOXBOX (Twisted | Denmark) Oldskool set


LEPTON (Lost Theory | Belgium)

LOOPUS IN FABULA (Fabula Records | Italy)

LYNOXOD (Sonic Chakras | Russia)

M-RUN (Cronomi | Croatia)

MAGIC SEEDS (Sonic Chakras | Macedonia)

MAKADAM (Sanaton | Sweden)

MERKABA (Zenon | New Zealand)

MIRROR ME (Zenon | Poland)

NA-TI (Zenon | Israel)

NIKI (Mighty Quin | Russia)

OCELOT (Avatar Records | USA)

PICK (Zenon | Israel)

PILA (Ministarstvo Psihodelije | Croatia)

PROCS (Lost Theory | Sweden)

PSPIRALIFE (Zenon | Australia)

PSYCHAOS (Atomic | UK) Oldskool set

PSYKOVSKY (Osom Music | Russia)

REALITY PIXIE (Vertigo | Australia)

SALAKAVALA (Hippie Killer Prod. | Finland)

SCOPE (Lost Theory | Belgium)

SENSIENT (Zenon | Australia)

STEALTH (Sonic Chakras | Russia)

STEVO (Suntrip | Croatia)

VAL VASHAR (Zenon | Croatia)

WHRIKK (Sanaton | Netherlands)

YANI (Suntrip | Belgium)

ZOOLOG (Parvati | Danmark)

ZUMI (Insomnia | Russia)

604FX (Sonic Chakras | Russia)

MASALA LAND (hosted by ROM and Feestgedruis)

AMYN live (Mothership, Moodfamily, ROM | Belgium)

ANNA LEEVIA (Tonkind | Brazil)

ANTIX (Iboga, Sprout | New Zealand)

ARNE & VEEBOO (Sunday Matinée | Belgium)

ARNO LEMONS (Anti Matter | Belgium)

BANEL (Iboga | Denmark)

BEAZAR live (Moodfamily, ROM | Belgium)

BEHIND BLUE EYES (Iboga | Denmark)

BORIS BREJCHA (Hearthouse | Germany)

COETER ONE (Frucht | Germany)

DIA Y NOCHE (Sweet Trade | Netherlands)

DOVLA (Interchill | Croatia)

EMOK (Iboga | Denmark)

EXTRAWELT live (Cocoon | Germany)

FRECHBAX (Electric Power Pole | Germany)

ISHTAR (Tribal Vision, Feestgedruis | Belgium)

KAIRON (Neurobiotic, Feestgedruis | Belgium)

KOODOO & LAMAZ (Sweet Trade, Feestgedruis | Belgium)

LAURENS & CALVACHE (Feiern | Belgium)

LEXIC (Moodfamily, ROM | Belgium)

MADRIKO (Moodfamily, ROM | Belgium)

MAELSTROM (Iboga | Denmark)

MASSAAR (Sweet Trade, Feestgedruis | Belgium)

MATT FUNK (Lab.105db | Belgium)

MICHAEL THOELEN ( Sweet Trade, Feestgedruis | Belgium )

MISS SUNSHINE (Frucht | Croatia)

NATY (Seres Music | Germany)

PSYTOX (Coincidence Records | Belgium)

REMCORD (Atmosphere Records | France)

R’DEEM (Purple Snow | Belgium)

SIOPIS (Get Physical Music | Mangali)

SLATER (Tribal Vision | Czech)

SPLATTER (Frucht | Mexico)

STAVROZ (Moodfamily, Wired | Belgium)

THE GLITZ (Voltage Musique | Germany)

THE JELLY BELLIES (Thé Dansant | Belgium)

WHIZZ (Smiley Tribe, Feestgedruis | Belgium)

YANNICK ROBYNS & MARKEY (Chalet | Belgium)

YENTL. (Girls On Decks | Belgium)

ZUMA & CORTEZ (D&S | Belgium)


ANCIENT DELAY (Comphusion | Belgium)

ANOEBIS (Suntrip | Belgium)

BAYAWAKA (Enig’matic | Israel)

BOXCUTTER | THE HOST (Planet Mu | Ireland)

CHILLIN’ GLOW (Independent | Croatia)

CREAT-UR-SOMNIA (Comphusion | Belgium)

CÉDRIC STÉVENS (Acid Kirk, Comphusion | Belgium)

DIGITRON SOUND (Digitron | Croatia)

DOVLA (Interchill | Croatia)

DaPEACE (Chaotic Beats | Serbia)

FAROUT CREW (Farout | Croatia)

KALYA SCINTILLA (Merkaba | New Zealand)

KUDJO ( Ajnavision | Croatia)

LEFTCHEST (Caoutchou | Belgium)

LUGUS (Lost In Time | Westflut)

MAHAON & THE CYBERIANS (Inner Space Lab, Ajna vision | Russia)

MANTISMASH (Independent | Israel)

MONORF (Bug Klinik | Belgium)

MOTE. (Ajnavision | Australia)

MUSICA-EX-MACHINA (Independent | Croatia)

NARADUB (Logic Vision | Belgium)

NGE.Duo (Derango | Sweden)

OCELOT (Avatar | USA)

ORKE (LooneyMoonExperiment | Israel)

PEACEDEFENDER (Tamna Tvar | Croatia)

PIPAL (Ministarstvo Psihodelije, Croatia)

PURA (ZENIT | Serbia)

REZZQR (Cultivate & Rescue | Belgium)

RODRIGO VS PEPE WASH (Ometeotl | Mexico)

STEALTH (Sonic Chakras | Russia)

STELLAR INK PONY (Retort Records,Procs | Sweden)

SVEN (Independent | Croatia)

TENGRI (Peak | Macedonia)

VAL VASHAR (Zenon | Croatia)

WEDRAN (Plusquam | Bosnia)

YANI (Suntrip | Belgium)

ZMAYO (Pistolero | Croatia)

1000arc (LuMen | Hungary)

DUB CORNER by Digitron Soundsystem

Balkan Dub Defenders


Limited edition tickets: 5000
Buy them on line at www.losttheoryfestival.com/tickets

Presale points in Croatia: Zagreb – Dirty Old shop

Zadar – Lost Theory shop


80€ ’till 15th of April

90€ ’till 15th of June

100€ ’till 1st of August

110€ at the gate

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