Call for Papers: Ecopsychology and the Psychedelic Experience

by Darren Lewis

The European Journal of Ecopsychology is announcing a call for papers for a special issue on “Ecopsychology and the Psychedelic Experience”.

Reports abound of a unique reconnection and harmony with Nature through the use of psychedelics: psychonauts report communications from the plant world warning of humanity’s destruction of Nature; shamans who use psychoactive plants act as guardians of Nature, and psychedelic plants have inspired many ecopsychologists, ecosophists and eco-activists. What then can be said about the history, mystery, ontology, psychology, ecology and futurology of the relationship between ecopsychology and the psychedelic experience?

Possible topics include:

• The role of psychedelics in ecological awareness, the Ecology Movement, environmental protest, encounters with spirits of Nature, inter-species communication, or insights into biology and ecology

• Psychedelic plants and human symbiosis

• Plant consciousness, shamanism and the caretaking of Nature

• Psychedelic psychotherapy and ecotherapy

The deadline for papers is 1st August 2013 with the issue being published online by the end of the year. All submissions should be made by logging onto the EJE website, where author guidelines can also be found. Informal enquiries to the Guest Editor, Dr David Luke, drdluke[at] Other enquiries to EJE Editor, Dr Paul Stevens, Paul.Stevens[at]

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