Waveform Festival 2013 – The Psychedelic Bonanza is back for its 7th year!

Waveform 2013Waveform Electronic Music Festival will be in its 7th  successful year in 2013, and to celebrate this magical number we have some new and unique experiences for you.  We are moving to a new site, a stunning location in Somerset, which will enable us to run all the main music stages later and louder!  Exact location details will be coming soon but first let’s highlight what we will be bringing back…..

The Vibe… everyone who attends says the same thing, there really is nothing like the vibe felt at Waveform…it is just out of this world, and we want more!

The Music … 2013 will see the return of all 5 Stages from 2012… Cats Cradle Solar Stage, The Psychedelic Stage, The Electronica Stage, Chooneys House Stage, Eartheart Dragon Cafe & Gaia Chill Space. We are also bringing back the Waveform Outdoor Stage.  The full eclectic music line up of Live Electronica, Psy Trance, Breaks, D&B, Techno, Progressive, Classy House, Downtempo and Ambient is coming soon.

Archangel^ Electronica Stage & Om Bongo present – Contender Corner:

The Orb Sound System; System 7; Astralasia; Zetan Spore; Subajah Family (feat. artists Subajah,
Ijah, Iya Kneel and Barry Dread); Infinite Collective; Axis Mundi; Orangafruup; Kalichakra; Flutatious;
Daft Monk; Suns of Arqa; Buck Fillington vs Melc; OOOD (live Psychedelic/Techno/Electro/Breaks).

Gaia Chill Stage:

Dr. Alex Paterson; Astralasia (Chill-Out Set); Mirror System; Sephira; Lunarsonic; Nova; Suns of Arqa;
OOOD (live Chillout/Downtempo).

Choony’s House:

Chad Jackson; Colin Dale; Graeme Park; DJ Ruby(Malta); Sally J; Disruptive Influence; Choonmaster;
CJ MacKintosh; PTE; Paul von Goulding.

Cat's Cradle Photo by Michael Stuart Neale

Cat’s Cradle Photo by Michael Stuart Neale

Consciousness…For those of you who want more than the music, we are pleased to welcome back the highly successful Worldshift Space after such an incredible debut last year. There will be even more thought provoking talks, workshops and performances, including a second installment to the Merkaba Activation talk from 2012.

Greener Ethos….we will of course be bringing back the beautiful Green Village with all its loveliness, beautiful vibe and educational aspect.  This year there will be an expansion of the village to include a solar cinema and a host of cutting edge site art and installations.

Art Gallery….we welcome back the Psy Art gallery, and expect some pleasant surprises!

Healing Temple…we had so much positive feedback from the newly expanded healing space that we want to give you even more this year.

So What’s New For 2013? 

You can be sure the priority is the Waveform festival vibe. Musically, we can confirm the return of the Waveform outdoor stage…yes it’s back after a 4 year absence…we have the location and the line up to deliver an outdoor space, and a dream music line up for all the stages coming soon!

Insanity photo by Michael Stuart Neale

Insanity photo by Michael Stuart Neale

….but we want to give you more….this year we want you all to feel something new and very special…. Waveform introduces the Sun-Moon arena…

Waveform 2013 Sun-Moon Arena

Fancy a cosmic ride to the stars and back…would you like to feel the astral planes….how about really feeling the ultimate expression of our reality? Well you have come to right place…the Sun-Moon Arena.

Here is a list of just some of what you can expect to feel, see, taste, touch, and hear: –

· Legally lift your mind to a higher vibrational state, how you may ask? A combination of technology, natural resources, flower of life sacred geometry, Merkaba meditation, healing grids and a few more secrets up our flared sleeves!

· Art installations and visuals that will make you, as the expression says, well beside yourself!

· Catch the best sunset of your life, yes that’s an ancient pastime, but not whilst sipping our sun-moon infused elixir that has an extra magickal kick!

So if like many before you, you yearn to experience something more than our 3D reality and vibrate faster than the speed of light….then come and join us.

Waveform Early Bird Tickets Update: Last 150 early bird tics at £79. Tickets then increase to £90 so please do buy while available via http://www.waveformfestival.com/tickets
Location: We will be able to confirm the exact location in April but it is in Somerset, the nearest city is Bristol.

Waveform website www.waveformfestival.com

2013 FB Event Page http://www.facebook….96504680493897/

Official Facebook Fan Page: “http://www.facebook.com/pages/Waveform/121148311242865”://www.facebook….121148311242865

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  2. March 5, 2013

    […] a look: Waveform Festival 2013 – The Psychedelic Bonanza is back for its 7th year! | Psychedelic Press… Reply With […]

  3. March 5, 2013

    […] a look: Waveform Festival 2013 – The Psychedelic Bonanza is back for its 7th year! | Psychedelic Press… Reply With […]

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