First print edition of the Psychedelic Press UK now available – £0.01 (plus P&P)


The first ever print edition of PsypressUK is now available for £0.01 (+P&P). Copies can be ordered from here via paypal. This shoe-string project has been launched with the intention of giving pharmacography a printed forum.

PsypressUK, in terms of drugs, focuses on what science would call the hallucinogen class and what roles they may or may not play in the culture, politics and science of society. However, exactly what drugs are included in this category and the manner of their collective description  (psychedelic, entheogen, psychotomimetic etc.) remain important questions, and they guide the quarterly’s content.

Content of PsypressUK 2012:

On the Nature of the Psilocybe-Folk: Psychedelic Psychoid Persons by Jack Hunter:

“The creatures regarded me with indifference when they noticed that I was staring, and continued on with their procession. Their apparent agency differentiated them from the seething psychedelic patterns that surrounded them, and suggested that they were something more than simple hallucinations. But if they were not simple hallucinations then what were they?”

Empathogeneration by Dimka Drewczynski:

“Empathy transcends personal boundaries; bridging from one’s own into that of another’s. It is to understand and share another’s perceptions as if they were one’s own. It is humane, although it is not restricted to humanity alone and the capacity to identify with another’s state of being is an evolutionary ancient phenomena.”

‘It is so Beautiful’: The Role of Psychedelics in Post-apartheid South Africa by About Yellow

“It should have been a great opportunity to get to know each other better when Ernest found my mushrooms one night and asked if we could take them. But at that point it was a strange formal closeness between us, full of clumsy disregarded etiquettes and language difficulties and he had never heard of any drug beyond the black ash weed you get in the townships.”

Enter: A New Religious Era by Thomas B. Roberts

“Five hundred years ago, moveable type and the printing press democratized access to religious texts. Then, the Reformation and the Counter Reformation followed. People could read religious texts themselves and general literacy and publication education became important. “

Book Review: Erin by Roger Keen

“Erin takes place over the span of the Solpsycle Gathering; a medium-scale festival with a strong New Age ambience. Lije and his group of mates move somnambulantly through festy space-time, bearing the chaotic, fractured perceptions of non-stop partying.”

Cinema High: Drug Films and their Viewers by Ana Iugulescu

“Drug and films. Two of our favourite escapist methods. And when the two come together, a whole other world of meaning emerges. But is this preference for drug films congruent for drug aficionados and those who love films but hate drugs.”

An Experience of Dematerialization on Woodrose Seeds by Mark A. Schroll

“A chemist friend of mine prepared the seeds by crushing the seed pulp and putting it into gelatin caps. Both of us ingested eight capsules and then waited for the onset of this experience, spending this time discussing aspects of transpersonal psychology and psychedelic experience.”

Holy Mountain or Holey Mountain? By David Luke

“Some way south of the Hopi nation the so-called Huichol “Indians” live safely cradled between four states in the remote mountains of western Mexico. A truly unique people, the Huichol were never infiltrated by outsiders in almost 500 years since the Spanish conquest, but instead fled from their ancestral lands in the desert of San Luis Potosi and headed for the mountains far away towards the setting sun.”

You can order a copy of PsypressUK via paypal here. If you would be interested in contributing to future editions of the quarterly then please get in touch at

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  1. David says:

    Have just ordered my copy! Thanks muchly – I look forward to it arriving 🙂

  2. Martin Izat says:

    Thankyou for my copy which arrived this morning,I’ve enjoyed reading it,well done

  3. Eve Worrall says:

    The first psy press magazine, so excting and it certainly didn’t disappoint. All of the articles were fantastic, well written and great content. I especially enjoyed ‘It is so beautiful’, havening worked and travelled in southern Africa I appreciated being able to relate to it, and written by a fellow twenty something gardener, even better! Thank you Rob, guru of psychedelia!

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