Spirit Plant Medicine Conference

UBC, Vancouver, October 26~28, 2012

In this period of rapid change, the call to individual and collective awakening is clear. It’s beyond coincidence that the use of visionary/healing/awakening plants such as ayahuasca, psilocybe mushrooms, iboga, peyote, cannabis, and others is spreading rapidly at this time. When encountered in the best of conditions, these plants may be the most effective teachers we have now direct conduits to the deepest, most enlightening truths.

Our intention with this second Spirit Plant Medicine Conference is to offer accurate, respectful, and most of all beneficial information and inspiration on the use of and larger context around such plants. It’s an intention arising from a vision and a prayer carried in the hearts of many. To that end we have assembled an exceptional group of knowledgeable, engaging, and heartfelt speakers to share their wisdom. You’re warmly invited to join us for a remarkable weekend of insight, inspiration, compassion, and yes, humour.

The 2012 conference will take place in the Buchanan Building,

Room A101 at 1866 Main Mall, UBC,


 Vancouver Schedule for 2012 Conference (subject to change)


Friday, October 26, 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

6:30 – registration

7:30 – blessings and opening remarks

8:00 – “New Applications for Visionary Plants,” James Fadiman

9:00 – “Meeting of Mind and Spirit: Learning from Sacred Plants,” AyasminA Flores, Sitaramaya

10:00 – close

Saturday, October 27, 10 am – 10 pm

10:00 – live music

10:15 – “Psilocybin: Consciousness and Reciprocity,” Kathleen Harrison

11:15 – “What the Plant Kingdom is Telling Us,” Jennifer Rae

12:00 – lunch (vegan meal provided by Eternal Abundance Cafe is included in price of tickets)

1:00 – live music

1:15 – “Ayahuasca and Shamanic Spirituality,” Stephan Beyer

2:15 – “Women, Plants, Culture” Kathleen Harrison, Eleonora Molnar, Ayasmina Flores, Sitaramaya

3:30 – break

4:00 – Deepening Practice, with Satyen Raja

4:15 – “Bridging Non-Ordinary to Ordinary States: The WarriorSage’s Way,” Satyen Raja

5:15 – “Iboga and Waking Dreams,” Jonathan Dickinson

6:00 – dinner (vegan meal provided by Eternal Abundance Cafe is included in price of tickets)

7:00 – live music

7:15 – TBD

8:15 – presentation: TBD

9:00 – panel: “A Guardian Lives in Her Leaves: On Cannabis Spirituality,” Chris Bennett, Dee Dussault, Nikhilesh, Stephen Gray

10:00 – close

Sunday, October 28, 10 am – 5 pm

10:00 – live music

10:15 – “Shamanic Techniques for Self-Care,” Kathleen Harrison

11:15 – Interactive workshop: “The Healing Power of Chants,” AyasminA Flores, Sitaramaya

12:00 – lunch (vegan meal provided by Eternal Abundance Cafe is included in price of tickets)

1:00 – live music

1:15 – panel: “Ethics, Legalities, and Multicultural Considerations” Stephan Beyer, Ayasmina Flores, Sitaramaya, Kenneth Tupper

2:30 – short break

2:45 – presentation: TBD

3:45 – panel: “Back to the Future: The Path Forward” James Fadiman, Stephan Beyer

4:45 – closing ceremony and remarks

5:00 – The End . . . or . . . The Beginning


SPMC and Conscious Living Network are not endorsing any specific guest or ideologies through this event. With any of the presenters involved, it is important to understand these are independent speakers with reputations of their own.

We are offering the forum to explore ideas and understandings about plant based intelligence and healing and would like to encourage participating guests to empower themselves through these discussions and through the information available. This is for security’s sake, and also to honor the diversity of cultures and perspectives in relationship to the plants and the people who work with them.


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