From Venus with Love: Venus Love Experience Festival Review 2012

Venus Love Experience was a festival to commemorate the passing of Venus in front of our sun, which is predicted to next take place in a 106 years and Huni Bee, who attended the celebration, has written Psychedelic Press UK a colourful review of what sounds like a magical event.

The day was long but the journey swift and as dusk approached we pulled off of the small country road. Into the field we went, greeted by a man shaped Hat who had the most infectious of smiles spanning the width of his face. Yes, we had arrived.

Comfortably camped up in the shade of a towering Ash tree – the doorway holder and natural guide to dimension travel – we rummaged around to find the ingredients for a welcome home tea.Then we wandered through to the arena that brought a sense of old hippy nostalgia. And, as beaming smiles made the final touches to some beautifully crafted decorations, it was easy to see that this week was going to be more than, just a little bit, special.

Dusk grew gracefully into dawn and as the music and merriment arrived the atmosphere took on an even greater sense of community. There were just enough people to feel like a family.

Edge of consciousness debates and some, spine chillingly, talented musicians graced the day with an energy both invigorating and intoxicating. As the sky darkened, the atmosphere transformed into a colour-tinged tribal knees up.’The Experience’ was one of communication. Mind expanding and unravelling conversations waited around every corner: Love verses ownership, freedom strolling hand in hand with loyalty, the many ever-changing faces of relationships and the lessons and experiences we are here, on this planet, to share. Each movement, travelling onwards, took with it a new found friend and an excitement for the next thing that was to come.The arena was laid out beautifully so little bubbles of ‘Experience’ were easy to bimble through.

As the days progressed, conversation turned to the more intricate sides of nature. Talks on: alien tuition and the shift into the fifth dimension, personal progressions and our abilities to heal, the ways we use our minds and how simple they can be to re-structure, and we discussed what it is that connects us and listened to stories of our own amazing evolution.

The environment pulsed with positivity and every face that I could see was beaming light.

Discussions, on how to free yourself from the structures of society and what it is really like to be a freeman were on offer for the challenging of minds. Thoughts alongside, healthy and nutritional foods that kept both mind and body happy – I never knew there were so many astonishingly good reasons to eat a lot of chocolate! Tinctures and herbal supplements were available from roaming faerie folk. Pick me up’s, wake me up’s and restoration juices of all kinds, for all states of mind. Thank you thoughtful faeries.

The arena was laid out beautifully along little bubbles of ‘Experience’. Giant cocooning bubbles were on hand for entertainment through the day and fire performers lit up the darkness at night. The Healing Bubble sat comfortably at one end of the field and offered glimpses into what the Venus Transit meant for the individual. This was helped along by an array of Astrologers who were all camped around an open fire in what was a ,very, tiny city of bell tents.

Relaxation and renewed energy flows were available in the form of Bowen, Reiki and Vortex healing as well as multiple styles of massage. Gong Baths and other ceremonies were on offer in the Venus Love Temple and The Womb, a chill out space for women going through their monthly changes. All this was circled around a lovingly laid healing garden that was complete with dream catchers and vine-encased benches. A ceremonial pentagram lay in the middle. Surrounded by candles, the centred space was illuminated with a mist of old school magic.

An Inter-dimensional wizard named Ian camped across the way from us and spent the weekend demonstrating ecological and money-logical ways to create enough energy to live on comfortably.

Sparking debates on life and how we live it, left glowing thoughts.

We are all multi-dimensional wizards capable of transcending time and space to appear in a multitude of places at once.  Encapsulated and demonstrated, in this realm, in body form. But what are the limits? And why do we place them on ourselves?  Perhaps in order to grow? Or maybe to experience what it is like to be alone?

An entertainingly grumpy fawn, named Joe, spent the weekend wandering around with his newly found Crow called Mr. Corvus. They delivered talks and demonstrations to awe stricken audiences of children and adults alike. He spoke on what it’s like to live with a crow and he gave a brief history of the bird and what it’s like teaching them to fly and the ways they can unexpectedly change your life. And, he, Mr Corvus be rather fond of perching on people’s heads.

The World Shift tent was alive and bustling with informative, creative and inspirational discussions.  On everything from our current, out-dated, calendar to the most up-to-date technologies we have on offer today. Outside of the Chocolate Love Temple sat a weather machine for people to cosmically order small bouts of sunshine.

The open topped compost toilets were a fine place to meet and greet neighbours while joyfully peeing, as the rain fell and caressed both head and shoulders. Also, they were a mighty fine look-out point for strange light spotting among the stars. Is that a UFO or sky lantern?

At the other end of the field, past a selection of tribal-edged market stalls, was the Eartheart Café. Good, home cooked food and spiced Chai, as always, complemented the dance tent. There, spirals of colour adorned the walls as bodies flowed in time to the music. Felix the Cat style projections captured the attention of passers-by and the communal fire-pit outside flickered in the dim light; casting shadows that grew and moved in and out of each other with the rhythm.This was the meeting point of the early-risers, the stay-up-all nighters and the cold.

Pixie folk roamed freely there too. Their promises of bonding with the Earth, the mother ship with her, insect, children who cascade and shower love, effortlessly, was enticing. Cosmic smiles and a sense of complete belonging was felt, only to then leave again. But, with knowledge I can return as soon as I want and just become one with the ground.

The fire was also the celebration point of the Venus Transit itself. After a communal drink, from the Love Brew, the crowd gathered to witness what could be seen of the planets and stars behind the clouds. Looking along the horizon and spreading unconditional love throughout the land. Drums, chanting, singing and general merriment ensued. And once the celebration had died down, the discussion of where to take the next communal Tribalove event took place.

 Blissful, bonkers and brimming with love, Venus was a worthy adventure to begin any summer of mayhem.

Venus had community, family, friends and a space created by moments with meaning. During the gathering, smiles and laughter moved like the wind through trees. Rock towers, towered tall.  And, we danced in the rain. Letting go, to find upgrades in hidden places I would never dream to look or know of and then, bumping into parts that I once considered lost.

The elements weave tenderness and love regardless of anything and it was embraced. Truly being me and feeling absolute I grew, under and over and sideways and then into stars of people and being happy and comfortable to stay there. Gold dust hovered as we created other worlds and set the foundations for on-going life plans.

Beautiful people, who live life like they dream and are strong enough to mean it and make it happen. Beautiful people, who are not in it for the fashion and who are stunning on the inside and the out.

Transcendence. Evolution. Raising the vibration of everything. Being energy.

Bring on the next

“So long, and thanks for all the fish”

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