Festival Preview: Sunrise Off-Grid 2012


The Sunrise Celebration’s little sister event returns for its 4th year

AUGUST 23rd – 27th 2012

 “What would you do if the economic system collapsed tomorrow?” ask the organiser’s of Sunrise Off Grid

As we have seen so frequently in recent years we are living within an extremely fragile political and economic structure.  What would we do if it were to collapse tomorrow?  Sunrise Off Grid, 23rd – 27th August examines exactly that, within a family friendly, temporary sustainable community setting on the beautiful Fernhill Eco-Farm in the Mendips.

With 5 days of amazing and inspiring workshops, talks and crafts, explore the reality of transitioning to a new paradigm. Discover, and re-discover, a way of life that fully embraces our human ecology and our place in a sustainable, low-impact, future which could, if we make it so, be an environment where we do not struggle to survive, but where we thrive instead.

Get skilled up at the celebrated ‘Off Grid’ College, examine the myths that make up the way we see the world and meet those with clear visions for a better future with 4 days of Radical and Inspiring Conferences. Explore the future possibilities of healthcare with the new Off Grid Healthcare College, and our connection to the earth and each other in the Gaia Deep Ecology Dome. Visit the Alt-Tech and Craft Areas to get skilled up and share practical knowledge both old and new, or take part in DIY projects in the Eco-Build Area. Network with paradigm changing projects across the country and join together with eco-pioneers and spiritual activists in the journey towards a balanced interdependence of all things, and a holistic low impact future.

Speakers include Maddy Harland of Permaculture Magazine, renowned social entrepreneur Michael Norton, No-Dig Gardener Charles Dowding, Theo Simons of Seize the Day and comic-poet Chris Paradox – the Inspiration Engineer.

With the finest solar and wind-powered music in a beautiful barn providing night time knees ups and Saturday night Ceilidhs, a Cinema showing a choice selection of films and documentaries, Well-Being Area and Sauna, the Sunrise ‘SOL’ – the events own complementary currency, part of a program of future economics – and a Children’s Area including a forest school and range of family activities.

All of the program is included within the ticket, which has a self selecting pricing structure dependent on income. Sunrise Off Grid is a truly landmark gathering – In this age of uncertainty can you afford to miss it?

Activities take place in a range of permanent and temporary structures, camping is included with the ticket or the farm offers B&B in designer dorms from £25 per night. Tickets are £75/85/95 dependent on your income and available at www.bristolticketshop.co.uk, day tickets available for Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday. For more info visit www.sunrise-offgrid.co.uk or email offgrid@sunrisecelebration.com


* The Off-Grid College: A 16 Module Course in Off-Grid Living

* 4 Day Conference Program:

Friday – Radical History : From the Levellers and Diggers through to Occupy and Diggers 2012

Saturday – Inspirations : Changemakers of our time talk about who inspired them and how

Sunday – Small is Beautiful : Smallholdings and Low-Impact Living including planning guidance, practical tips and discussion groups

Monday – Another World is Possible : Changemakers talk about their visions of a brighter future and the steps they are taking to get us their

* Gaia Deep Ecology Dome

* Tin Village: Talks and Workshops on sustainable living, Transition Towns, Community Activism and practical skills development

* Off-Grid Healthcare College: Exploring medicine in a post-oil world. Also Bush Medicine courses and emergency healthcare skills with paramedics and doctors

* Kids Tribal Village: Includes Forest School, Play Canyon, Toddler Area, Interactive Games and Workshops and much more

* Eco-Build Area: With Practical Skills Demonstrations and Courses

* Alt Tech and Crafts: Traditional Crafts and Contemporary DIY and Appropriate Technologies

* Food and Farming Area

* Artisan Market and Ethical World Food Cafes

* Live Music Barn and Farm Bar

* Well-Being Area & much more

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  1. James Light says:

    Great article and great festival, and he is my 2 pennith – http://youtu.be/JfY9q6-qnn8

  2. James Light says:

    Great article and great festival, and he is my 2 pennith – http://youtu.be/JfY9q6-qnn8

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