Call for submissions: Psychedelic Press UK printed edition

This summer the Psychedelic Press UK is taking tentative steps out of the virtual into the tangible world of print publication and we are currently looking for writers to submit articles for possible inclusion. The new magazine will focus on both psychedelic studies and culture in its content, blending analytical articles from both the humanities and sciences with creative writing, popular culture and alternative perspectives. Strictly speaking, it is the role, function and discourse of psychedelic drugs themselves, rather than a ‘psychedelic aesthetic’, which must underpin the content. However, at this stage, we are open to ideas, intending to let the quality of submissions dictate the structural and editorial dimensions of the magazine.

–       The deadline for submissions is April 1, 2012.

–       Articles should be between 250 – 1500 words (we will consider longer pieces if they are exceptional, but you might wish to contact us first to make sure.)

–       We do accept trip reports but they need to be of a high literary standard, ideally with an original dimension that challenges the modes this genre has thus far produced.

–       Please include a 50 word spiel about yourself with the submission.

–       Ideally articles should be original and unpublished, although exceptions can be made but please check with us first.

This first 2012 edition of the Psychedelic Press UK will be handed out free at festivals and events over the course of the summer, and posted out to those who request a copy. It will also be free of adverts – other than a number associated with the magazine that will be uncharged. For this reason we are unable to pay for submissions. However, the intention is to find out whether an audience for this magazine exists and, if it does, it is hoped that future editions will be able to pay writers for their wonderful words.

For more information or to pitch an idea please contact PsypressUK here, or to submit an article please email us at: – In the meantime, happy tripping and we look forward to reading your words.

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3 Responses

  1. Very exciting project. I was pleasantly surprised to find out about it since I’m part of an Israeli group that’s now working on a similar project for a psychedelic magazine in Hebrew.
    Great idea. Keep it up. I’m definitely going to be following this.

  2. Sky says:

    Very interesting…Nowadays we have got a lot of ‘psychedelic’ forums, blogs and websites but I think that our community would also deserve a printed reliable media, something that I strongly miss since The Entheogen Review was closed down. I hope to be able to submit something, not an easy task given my poor english. In any case I will follow and support the project.

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