Music Review: Beans on toast – MDMamazing

Artist: Beans on Toast

Song: MDMamazing

Musically ‘Beans on Toast’ is folk; one man and his guitar. However, lyrically, MDMamazing is a wonderful tale of the festival psychonaut who under the experience of MDMA goes through, and beautifully describes, the feelings and consequences of the psychedelic British festival roam. ‘Beans on Toast’ has the perfect gruff voice and picking magic, which co-exist together to produce this very endearing song. Anyone who has ever been to a festival under the influence will have oodles empathy for the song; check out his myspace page to find up-and-coming gigs!




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  1. January 14, 2011

    […] and all through the night and the following day we talked utter rubbish with our heads full of hay. This entry was posted in things that rhyme and tagged gypsy, life, magic, parties, party, pixy, […]

  2. August 16, 2012

    […] with a crew of trippers, all sharing the jolts and rises of spaceflight; or singing along to MDMAmazing with Beans on Toast on the Wandering Word stage; the rapidity of these liminal communities made […]

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