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The Paradox of Lucid Dreaming by Dr Rory Mac Sweeney

Dream Tripping: Getting High in Deep Sleep

As we lift off into this new millennium, the world seems ever so saturated with possibility. Moore’s law speculates an exponential increase in computing complexity, the likes of which the Universe may have never known before. The world is swarming with ideas. One cannot help but to feel that the...

PsypressUK 2015 Volume V

Psychedelic Press UK journal 2015 Volume V is out now!

It’s my pleasure to announce the release of Psychedelic Press UK Volume V which is now available from our online store here. In this, our 14th journal, there’s the great diversity of thought and approach to psychedelic writing that I have always delighted in being able to include within the...

Psychedelic Roue by Emiliano Ricci (Creative Commons)

Reigniting Awe

  This article was originally published in the Psychedelic Press UK Journal (January, 2014 Volume.1) Looking at the lives of those fully invested in the consensus reality of the conventional Western world, there is a consuming grayness, or flatness, that seems to permeate throughout. The socioeconomic and philosophical constructs, or...

Tripping by Charles Hayes

Tripping by Charles Hayes (Ed)

Originally published in 2000 ‘Tripping: An anthology of true-life psychedelic adventures’ is a selection of personal accounts, collected and edited by Charles Hayes, of the psychedelic experience. It also includes an extensive interview with Terence McKenna, visionary art from Alex Grey and a extended bibliography and resource list. Tripping is,...

Tripping by Charles Hayes

Interview with Charles Hayes, author of Tripping – Part 2

In part 2 of PsypressUK’s interview with Charles Hayes – editor of Tripping –  we’re going to take a look at some of the literature that first inspired him and also examine his thoughts on some of the different sub-genres of psychedelic writing. There are a number of standard books,...

Charles Hayes

Interview with Charles Hayes, author of Tripping – Part 1

Charles Hayes, the editor of Tripping : An anthology of true-life psychedelic experiences has been kind enough to lend Psychedelic Press UK his thoughts on psychedelic literature and give us some insights into how Tripping came into existence. In this, part 1 of the interview, we are going to take a look at...

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