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Inner Paths to Outer Space

Inner Paths to Outer Space by Rick Strassman et al

This literary review was written by, and is reproduced here with the expressed permission of, Dr. David Luke. Originally appeared as: Luke, D. P. (2008). Inner paths to outer space: Journeys to alien worlds through psychedelics and other spiritual technologies, by Rick Strassman et al. [book review]. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 22...

Inner Paths to Outer Space

Inner Paths to Outer Space

Originally published in 2008 ‘Inner Paths to Outer Space’ is a collaborative project between Rick Strassman M.D., Slawek Wojtowicz M.D., Luis Eduardo Luna Ph.D. and Ede Frecska M.D.. Through a series of scientific explanations, first-hand psychedelic accounts and the development of hypotheses therein, the four authors offer a broad argument...

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