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Ayahuasca and I

Ayahuasca and I: Not your typical trip report – Part 1 – By James W. Jesso

As the title suggests, I don’t intend to tell you the same thing you have heard over and over again about “Mother Ayahuasca”, visions of serpents, and purge buckets. I believe focusing on these elements of a psychedelic experience can work to re-enforce belief systems that distract us from understanding...

Psilocybes by Dzilam

Evolution of the Mushroom Symphony

The earliest suggested depiction of human mushroom use is represented in cave art found within the Tassili plateau in Southern Algeria, and is approximately seven thousand years old (Stamets, 1996). The artwork portrays a bee-headed figure with mushroom fruiting bodies for fingers, coupled with an outline also infused with fungal shapes. It has...

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