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United by Pablo Amaringo (Ayahuasca Reader)

Re-reading Ayahuasca: Cultural complexities of the vine unpicked

“You are the shaman,” announced Terence McKenna at the beginning of a new phase of the archaic revival. With thousands of you-shamans going to Iquitos every year to get their feathers, it may be time to unpack that idea, and for that reason the new edition of the 15-year-old classic...


Drugtakers in an English Town by Martin A. Plant

Originally published in 1975 ‘Drugtakers in an English Town’ by Martin A. Plant is the result of the author’s PhD thesis, prepared for what was the Department of Social Administration and Social Work, at the University of Bristol. Martin Plant (1946-2010), 29 at the time of publication, went on to...

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