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Calming the Eternal Footman: Psilocybin and Cancer Psychopharmacology

The mystical experience that can be achieved via the ingestion of certain naturally occurring species of fungus is just the sort of thing that can shake a person out of a ‘deep funk’, either by allowing a fresh perspective to be ascertained, or by the ‘shock and awe’ effects of increased serotonin-like effects on the synapses.

Pharmako/Poeia by Dale Pendell

Dale Pendell’s ‘Pharmako/Poeia – Power Plants, Poisons & Herbcraft’ was originally published in 1995. This review  is written from the updated 2010 North Atlantic edition. Pendell is an author and poet whose written works include ‘Inspired Madness: The Gifts of...

Phantastica by Louis Lewin

Originally published in Germany in 1924 ‘Phantastica’ by Louis Lewin was first published in English in 1931. This review is written from the Park Street Press edition, 1998. The text is an early attempt at a categorisation of psychoactive drugs...

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