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Rediscovering Drugs

Reconsidering Drugs: Mapping Victorian and Modern Drug Discourses by Lawrence Driscoll

Title: Reconsidering Drugs: Mapping Victorian and Modern Drug Discourses [HB] Author: Lawrence Driscoll Publisher: Palgrave ISBN: 0312222726 Year: 2000 In the introduction to Reconsidering Drugs, its author Lawrence Driscoll describes a society that promulgates the idea that “we investigate the problem of drugs, assuming that only they use drugs, and...

The Hashish Club

The Hashish Club Vol.1 & 2 by Peter Haining

Originally published in two volumes in 1975 ‘The Hashish Club: An Anthology of Drug Literature’ is compiled and edited by Peter Haines. Volume one looks at the founding of the modern tradition of pharmacography, from Coleridge to Crowley, while the second looks at the psychedelic era, Huxley to Lennon. This...

Pleasures and Pains

Pleasures and Pains by Barry Milligan

‘Pleasures and Pains: Opium and the Orient in Nineteenth-Century British Culture’ (1995) by Barry Milligan utilises a multidisciplinary approach, including psychology, literary criticism, history and psychology, in order to examine the relationship between Britain and the Orient. Broadly speaking a work of cultural studies, the book concentrates on the trade...

Power of the Poppy

The Power of the Poppy by Kenaz Filan

Originally published in 2011 ‘The Power of the Poppy – Harnessing Nature’s Most Dangerous Plant Ally’ by Kenaz Filan is a review of the human-poppy relationship from pre-historic to modern times. Filan has previously published works including ‘The Haitian Vodou Handbook,’ ‘Vodou Love Magic’ and ‘Vodou Money Magic’. The book...

Hayter 1968

Opium and the Romantic Imagination by Alethea Hayter

The following review of Alethea Hayter’s ‘Opium and the Romantic Imagination’ (1968) has been written by Mark Bromberg, and was originally published in Bellemeade Books. The review is republished on the Psychedelic Press UK by kind permission of the author. One of the most obvious effects of opium addiction on...

The Seven Sisters of Sleep by Mordecai Cooke

The Seven Sisters of Sleep by Mordecai Cooke

Originally published in 1860 ‘The Seven Sisters of Sleep’ is a classic of Western drug literature. In over a hundred years, with no reprints until the end of the 20th century, the transformation in the importance of Mordecai Cooke’s book is exceptional. Titled in its first edition with a ‘popular history...

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